School keeps me pretty busy.

Japan, for the most part, is a lovely place to live.

Ranjit asked Jeff what was wrong.

I'd like you to meet with him.

Why haven't you asked me to help?

I'm sure you're hungry.

Better tools make good work.

I'm not going to let Rafael go to Boston.


Naomi fell in the orchestra pit during her performance and broke her arm.

I never trusted you.

I won't let them go there.

Tours are available.

Who did you tell?


"Mein Kampf" is a book by Adolf Hitler.


Wait over there.

In North America, business operates on "the customer is always right" principle.

Does the apartment have a balcony?


Why do I tell you people anything?

Courage grows with growing danger.

Please, take a look at my first post and let me know what you think about it.

Your people feel a sense of generalized hatred.

'OK' is said to be the most popular word in the world.

Jose was completely right.

Jeanne and Alice always wear similar clothes.

Farouk has repeatedly denied those charges.

Would you tell me what time the train starts?

As is often the case with 13 to 19 year olds, she's conceited.

Please come home as quickly as possible.

Let me check my schedule.

It's been different.

He's building up a network of acquaintances outside his office.

Kathy was struck down by a heart attack.

Could you please get me a taxi?

Mickey is out taking a walk.

Does Marvin live in Boston?

Do you two know each other?

I heard otherwise.

What a cute little boy!

Barbara asked me to leave.

We believe in the principle that governments are properly established only when it is with the consent of the governed.

Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.

You should see the doctor.

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I would rather be poor than make money by dishonest means.


If you wish to get on in the world, you must not shrink from effort.

I am only able to speak English.

Would you stop saying that?

Jin loved you.

I ain't worried about what he might say.

I'll wait for her.

There was a version of the King James Bible for the original Game Boy.

I've managed to keep busy.

It's alive.

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Many men, many minds.

He was shirtless.

You must consider what kind of work you want to do.

He doesn't understand the principle of the thing.

She's a dumb blonde.

I don't feel like speaking French today.

Syed is going to have to do it by himself.

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We haven't even discussed that.


We are counting on you for financial help.

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Look at that good-looking boy.


He was very close about his past.


This book is quite above me.

They are next door neighbors.

He and I are classmates.

What do you want to do for dinner?

I thought we were going to play baseball.


That's exactly what I told her.

I made my son see the doctor.

She likes composers of the classical era, such as Mozart or Beethoven.

A dog who is a good barker is not a good dog.

Konstantinos came here to ask us to help him.

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Is Lindsay still working in Boston?

He, being slow-footed, was of course already lagging two meters.

Learning English requires patience.

I don't slice their bread.

You may take the book home so long as you don't get it dirty.

I assume your party was a success.

Can I go out to play?

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I didn't fathom this happening.


She got her nose pierced.


Brender didn't apologize to Ole.

Vance is a lot stronger than Blair.

Railroads were built across the west.

Oscar is the one who showed me how to do it.

Computer files and folders aren't like children. You seem to want a big family.


But for his advice, I could not finish it.

What changed your mind?

Pravin released all the lions of the zoo.

I can't give up without a fight.

Does your country have renowned boxers?

We are not sure, but she is right.

I know you want to see them.

That was all just a lie.

Betty was wearing a tux.


Can you remember the first time you went swimming?

I am from Shizuoka.

And your parents? When are they arriving?

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It was very enjoyable.

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Your room looks pretty.

We could hear wolves howling in the distance.

Why should I talk to her?


Now what's the deal?


*Breathing intensifies.*

All I want to do is finish what I started.

My alarm clock's ticking is too loud.


He seldom gives his wife presents.

Where should I file this correspondence?

Do we have enough money to buy that?

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The race wasn't fair because the winner had a ten-second head start.

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Tao doesn't have to wash the car. Metin's already washed it.

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Leave Claudio alone or you'll regret it.

That sounds wonderful.

Olson doesn't ever get to school on time.


Life is impossible without the sun.

Please introduce me to the attractive girl who is talking with Sid.

Jerald isn't mad at you.

Chuck messed up big time.

Don't try to talk.

He glanced at her and saw she was angry.

I read it in a magazine.

Carolyn fixed a watch.

Dan didn't even want to train Linda.

They had a rest for a while.

Is Jwahar around?

Cindie lost his shoes.

She went to Europe via the United States.

Strangely, the cash register's total was 777 yen.

Please fasten your seat belts, and kindly refrain from smoking.

That's excellent news.

You don't believe everything you hear, do you?

We'll work.

Set up paper cups in the cupcake baking tray.

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Joon and I had the same dream.


We can do nothing for him.

We have no acquaintance with her.

It takes a lot of money to keep up such a big house.


Del thought it was unfair.

She has a fair complexion.

I know that look.

That was very thoughtful of Nadeem.

You'd better put your cigarette out before Terry sees it.

Vaughn's son, John, died of an overdose at age seventeen.

I couldn't handle it.


You must be starving to death.


Kazuhiro found a gun in the toilet tank.

It was tempting.

Put it on one bill, please.


I didn't go but stayed.

Iron is more useful than it is beautiful.

The truth is the best lie.

She arrived late as usual.

You're efficient, aren't you?


Can you bring her?

The best way to learn a foreign language is to go live in a country where it's spoken.

That's Rudolf's daughter.

Tuna has never been to a French-speaking country.

Sundaresan stubbed out his cigarette.

Keep them away from me.

Sing me a song.

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I never think of summer without thinking of my childhood.


I think you're my best friend.